Frequently Asked Questions

Mainly for those new to or considering treatment.

What is Bioenergetic Medicine?

You sometimes use the term ‘Bioenergetic Medicine’. What do you mean by this?

I mean assessment and treatment via the human life force, and the human energy field and its channels.

Orthodox science and medicine do not recognise the existence of the Life Force. But they should not deny its existence. If they are honest they should say ‘The detectors in orthodox use cannot detect a life force. We cannot comment on it’.

They will also often tell you that there is no evidence of such a force or field. In fact, there is masses of evidence, but most people are totally unaware of it. First there is a venerable, multi-cultural, tradition of such a field of energy. In ’Future Science’, Stanley Krippner and John White identified some 140 different cultures, tribes and societies who held such a belief, and give their names for the force. But mention this, and you are likely to be told it is ‘primitive superstition’.

There is also much anecdotal evidence from the western tradition. Mention this, and you are likely to be told it is credulous imagination.

Then there is the fact that long-existing traditional forms of medicine – Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, for example; and more recently homoeopathy,- base their whole practice around the life force and its regulation. In TCM it is called Chi or Ki, in Ayurveda it is called Prana, in homoeopathy, the Vital Force. Mention these and you are likely to be told it is the placebo effect of the aforesaid superstition and imagination.

Last, and not least, there is scientific evidence. Mention this, and you are likely to be told there is none. But do not be put off: go and read the 750-odd pages of Claude Swanson’s ‘The Life Force – the Scientific Evidence’.

And while you are at it, drop in the 300 pages of William Tiller’s ‘Science and Human Transformation’. Oh, and the 200 pages of Harold Saxton Burr’s ‘Blueprint for Immortality’. Oh, and the 250 pages of James Oschman’s ‘Energy Medicine in Human Performance and Therapeutics’. And the 200 pages of Keith Scott Mumby’s ‘Virtual Medicine’. And.................And................And................

Just keep gathering information, and resign yourself to the fact that most of the world would much prefer to ignore it.